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Not Getting Enough Personal Training
Clients Because You're Lacking a System?

ptEnhance Gives You a Complete Fitness Business System to Market,
Sell and Deliver Your Personal Training Services Online.

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Have You Ever Felt Overworked & Underpaid as a Personal Trainer…

Or Just Can’t Seem to Grow Your Business?

Let’s face it...You became a personal trainer because you’ve always had a passion for health and fitness, right?

And you love to help others reach their goals as well so they can experience a much brighter life.

So we start off as personal trainers with a mission to change lives.

And the money part of our mission gets pushed to the backburner…

We focus harder on helping our clients to succeed, hoping that the money (or lack of it) will just take care of itself in the end.

But it doesn’t!

Instead, you get caught up in the grind of working your butt off every week and still only barely scraping by to pay the bills.

A few years into your journey and you realize:

  • You’re fighting some fierce competition just to win over low-paying clients.
  • You’re fighting to keep your existing clientele from disappearing, or even worse, leaving you for your competition.
  • You’re fighting to spend more time with your family, but your business now owns you.

This is NOT the Lifestyle You Dreamed of When You Became a Fitness Trainer.

So what can you do?

To Increase Your Profits & Generate More Revenue…

You Need to Deliver More Value & Have the Right Systems Installed in Your Business

That’s Why We Created ptEnhance

PtEnhance is a complete cloud-based business and client management system created specifically for personal trainers like you.

With ptEnhance You Can:

Strengthen your client relationships. Stay in constant contact with your clients outside the gym to keep them motivated and hold them accountable

Deliver beautiful mobile-friendly exercise programs. Craft beautiful exercise programs for your clients complete with exercise videos for them to use on their smartphone

Educate and be the expert. Assign branded educational resources to your clients to deliver added value to your couaching services. Educating your clients also positions you as an expert in your field.

Maximize your profits with easy upsells. Don't lose money by sending your clients elsewhere to buy the products they need to reach their goals. With ptEnhance you can upsell your own equipment, suplements, events and digital products to your existing clients with your own custom-branded web store

How Does PtEnhance Work?

Step #1: Set Up a New Client

First, enter the information for your new client into ptEnhance so they can access the private client area

Step #2: Assign a Training Program

Once your new client is in the system, you have a wide range of options available. You can create a custom exercise program for them, or use one of the many templated programs preloaded in the PtEnhance System

You can also assign the online questionnaires and educational resources from your library

Step #3: Communicate and Track Their Progress

As your client progresses through their training program, you have the ability to send off messages to them through ptEnhance and track their progress towards success.

Getting a Client Started in ptEnhance is Simple and Can be Done in Minutes!

And those are just the basic steps! You also have the ability to custom brand ptEnhance with your own business look and feel.

And you also get your own website with ptEnhance which you can use as your main website or as a clients-only portal to access their private training information.

With ptEnhance, You Can Deliver Professional Fitness Programs Online Without All the Paperwork

PtEnhance gives you the power to better connect with your clients, which means better client relationships and better client retention.

Better client retention = more revenue.

Clients love the portability of ptEnhance. It’s like taking you with them wherever they go.

With ptEnhance, client success rates skyrocket because you’re able to better monitor and motivate your clients to achieve their goals.

When clients achieve their goals, they become your raving fans who won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends, family and co-workers.

That’s powerful marketing power you simply can’t buy!

The best part is that ptEnhance trainers offer a unique service that is better & more professional than other trainers. This means you can charge more for delivering more value.

To see what ptEnhance can do for your business, sign up for a FREE 2-week trial today.

Here’s What Other Trainers Are Saying About ptEnhance:

In Case You Have Questions, Here are Some of Our Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes ptEnhance the 'world's best' personal training software? That's a big claim...

  • We stand by our claim to be the world's best personal training software. ptEnhance has been designed by personal trainers and CHEK Practitioners with years of personal training experience and built in partnership with Paul Chek and the C.H.E.K Institute. This is NOT a system designed and built by computer nerds with no in the trenches understanding of the day to day operations and challenges of running a personal training business.
  • ptEnhance personal training software has more features and more comprehensive functionality than any other personal training software we have come across. Whilst others may do one or two things well ptEnhance personal training software offers a complete business solution in one product.

How is ptEnhance personal training software different from other online systems?

At ptEnhance we offer the complete package! You get the world's largest exercise library in video and still form, online questionnaires and assessment forms, a personalised training area for your clients to log in to, a personal messaging system to help communicate with clients easily, as well as appointment scheduling and your own online store. There is even a professional website included for you to market yourself online. The only way you will get this with other competitors is to combine 3 or 4 of them together, and pay a lot more money!

What are the exclusive benefits of ptEnhance for C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professionals?

As a C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professional, you have the added bonus of receiving all of the C.H.E.K questionnaires and assessment record forms relevant to your qualifications. This means that you can message your clients, have them fill them out the relevant forms online, and review the results at the click of a button. We also have exclusive review footage of the orthopaedic assessments taught in your level of the CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Practitioner and CHEK Golf Biomechanic programs for you to watch and continue your learning.

Do I have to be a C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professional to use the system?

Not at all, ptEnhance is designed as much for personal trainers as it is for C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professionals. With your own personalised website, over 2500 exercises to choose from and numerous business systems to help your weekly operations, ptEnhance has something for everyone. Paul Chek has made a number of his questionnaires available to all ptEnhance users regardless of qualification.

Who can use the ptEnhance personal training software?

The ptEnhance personal training software is just that 'software for personal trainers'. That of course means software for personal trainers to use with their clients. So if you are a CHEK Practitioner or personal trainer of any other persuasion then ptEnhance is for you. If you are not a trainer but want to work with a trainer to get a great exercise program and support online or off then you may like to work with a personal trainer that uses ptEnhance. Contact us via our contact form and we will do our best to refer you to someone in your area or that suits your needs.

I'm not into technology, is ptEnhance easy to use?

We have designed ptEnhance with the view that even beginners to computers can learn to use ptEnhance hassle free. We will give you a personalised phone demonstration to get you up to speed with the main features quickly. We also have a comprehensive range of help videos to familiarise yourself with, so you get the most out of the system.

I understand I can have my own website with ptenhance, how does this work?

Included with ptenhance, you get a customizable website complete with sample text and images that you can edit, add to or remove, enabling you to get a professional online presence the fastest way we know of. A comparable website alone purchased elsewhere could cost you more than 1-2 years of ptEnhance subscription.

What is the limit on the number of clients I can have on my system?

Our standard plan gives you a generous 100 active clients limit. However, there is no limit to how many clients you can have on the system should you need more. ptEnhance also caters for Personal Training studios and health clubs, with packages to suit any number of clients/members.Contact us for more details if you are in this situation.

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