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Step #1

Set Up Your Client's Account In Less Than 60 Seconds

Setting up a new client on the ptEnhance system is painless. Once your new client is activated, they’ll receive their login instructions via email and you’ll have access to their account management on the backend.

Step #2

Create An Exercise Program For Your Client

ptEnhance has the most advanced exercise program builder available. Yet we’ve made it incredibly simple to use. You have the option of using one of our many prebuilt exercise program templates or custom create your own. Then assign workout dates to your client’s calendar. You can even assign a program to one client or an entire group (if you’re running a bootcamp or challenge). Your client will see their program on their side and they have the option of printing it off or viewing their program, complete with exercise videos, on their mobile device.

Step #3

Assign Questionnaires, Assessments & Resources

With ptEnhance, you have the added ability to assign questionnaires, log assessments and provide educational resources to your clients. That gives you the power get more information from your clients so that you can create a custom-tailored program that addresses their needs. It also empowers you with the coaching tools you need to help them understand how to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves.

Step #4

Schedule 1-on-1 or Group Training Sessions

With ptEnhance, you can schedule individual or group appointments in seconds and even schedule recurring sessions over as many weeks as you want. Sessions blocks are automatically added to both your calendar and your client's calendar. You'll never have to worry about double-booking yourself again.

Step #5

Motivate By Messaging

Keep your clients motivated, accountable and retained for longer by strengthening your relationship with them using ptEnhance’s powerful client messaging system. With our messaging system, you’ll be able to send messages to one specific client or a group of clients. Group messaging acts like a forum thread, so others will read the messages of other participants and hold each other accountable.

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