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I wholeheartedly recommend the ptEnhance personal training business system to any fitness professional. It's truly amazing! The online HLC questionnaires are invaluable in my work with one on one clients and groups. Those alone without any of the other amazing features make it a must for CHEK professionals.

Great job guys!

JP Sears
Youtube Star, Author, Personal Trainer & C.H.E.K practitioner

ptEnhance is certainly the most powerful, functional, truly holistic system in the world for exercise and health care professionals to manage themselves, their clients, and learn! ptEnhance offers the power only available in software with tremendous complexity in the background, yet, has the usability and ease of a low-tech system, making it easy and fun for professionals and their clients to use. Love and chi

Paul Chek
Holistic Health Practitioner, Founder CHEK Institute and PPS Success Mastery Institute

Gary, quick note WOW!!! Congratulations on the new personal training software system, I’m going through it in awe and excitement! To me it’s a no brainer… I don’t see any reason why every health and fitness professional would not be using ptEnhance!!

Gavin Jennings
CEO, CHEK Institute

I must say… You guys have excellent customer service and support.

Lindsey Desjardins
Masters of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer